Saturday, May 3, 2014

Week Fifty Project and a collaboration with Kate Olson!

So there's a few 'firsts' for me with this week's piece.  The most exciting is getting the opportunity to collaborate with the amazing Seattle-based saxophonist Kate Olson.  I first came across Kate at one of her gigs (her band Ask The Ages was playing with my friend Jenn's band How Things Work), and I was immediately drawn to her saxophone playing.  I was super excited when Kate was kind enough to agree to collaborate with me on this week's project!

The second thing is getting over my fear of drums and including drums in this week's project.  I may have mentioned before, but there's been a couple of projects I've wanted to include drums, and I've tried to do them myself, and well, they turned out horribly. So now I'm going to come clean - that is not me on the drums.  That is in fact Greg, who is an actual drummer.  Like with drum sticks and stuff.  He recorded the drums on his electronic drum kit (when Lucille wasn't getting in the way).

The third thing is including samples!  Except where I've acknowledged people collaborating with me, I've made all other sounds and noises for my Fifty Two Weeks Project myself.  This is the first time I've sampled something, and I went for some old public domain radio show material.  I found this incredible radio story called "The Doll" from the 1945 "Weird Circle" series, and picked out my favorite parts, which was really hard because there were soooo many good bits...  I think I'm going to listen to more from that series just for fun.

Here's my Week Fifty Project:

Lucille developed an unhealthy obsession with drum sticks.  It was weird. 

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