Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Week Fifty One Project

Week Fifty One.  Wow, my project is nearly over?!

I've continued the theme of 'firsts' this week too, with Week Fifty One being written in both Logic and Ableton.  Whilst I'm a long(ish)-time Logic person (before Logic I was using Pro Tools), I'm wanting to start gigging with my solo music later this year and I've realized I don't have a hope of reproducing any of my music live unless I can wrap my head around programs such as Ableton Live.  So I'm giving it my best shot!

Something I have realized is that I really need to improve my production skills.  Big time.  I consider my recordings to be 'lo-fi' which is fine…. if it's intentional, but really it's not intentional, it's just I lack the skills (?) to refine and polish my tracks the way I'd like to. Although I should be a bit kinder on myself and acknowledge that these pieces are getting written and recorded over a couple of days, so I haven't really spent the hours needed to get the level to polish I want.  I guess that's what I'll be doing when I start working on my album….  Yes, ALBUM!  After skirting around the edges of my EP, I decided to sit tight and wait until I have enough material that I'm happy with to release an album.  So, once Fifty Two Weeks is up next week (OMG I'M NEARLY THERE!!!!), I'm going to concentrate on an album which will most likely consist of some Fifty Two Weeks material as well as some new material.

I'm not sure what's going to happen to this blog after next week, so if you would like to stay up to date with my happenings on, please feel free to follow my Facebook page:

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