Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Week Forty Nine Project

Oh my gosh, I'm nearly at Week Fifty Two!!  I really want to make the most of these last few weeks - I feel like I'm out of that musical rut I was in recently which is good news.  This week, I went back to my roots so to speak, with a layered piano piece.  Hope you enjoy!

Ok, in other news I have a Mixcloud mix and some recent photos to share with you.

Bigo & Twigetti recently asked me to compile a mix of my favorite music at the moment.  Ummm… yes please! There's loads of amazing music out there, but recently my ears have been glued to musicians such as Tim Hecker, Colin Stetson, Julia Holter & Nils Frahm, so I included those guys as well as a few of my all time favorites such as Dirty Three, Brian Eno/David Byrne, Arvo Part & of course Philip Glass.  I've called it Music for a Rainy Day, so feel free to check it out on Mixcloud link below:

And to finish up here's a few of my favorite snaps from the past week:

Coloured Easter Eggs which didn't end up being the massive disaster they threatened to be when I started out.  

Couch time with Lucille. 

Rat City Roller Girls!

View from our shared rooftop balcony.  Can't wait for summer to properly kick in here so I can start enjoying this space a lot more!

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