Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Week Twenty Nine Project

Oh my goodness. Have you seen Gravity yet?  If not you should go and see it now.  Preferably in 3D.  It was so tense that I had worn hot pink lipstick to go see it (nothing special there - I wear hot pink lipstick everywhere), but when I went to the bathroom afterwards I noticed I had smudged it all over my face from holding my hands against my face.  And that stuff doesn't really come off very easily.

Anyhow, here's my Week Twenty-Nine Project.  I had fun with this one and spent hours manipulating some of Greg's guitar noodling by slowing it down, reversing it, putting reverb and other effects on it, then I put a simple piano melody over the top.  I like the relentless wall of noise that sits behind the piano melody.  Maybe I'm still harboring a bit of the tension from Gravity?!

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