Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week Thirty and Autumn Colours

Things here in Seattle are getting really beautiful.  I was here this time last year but was so frazzled and bamboozled having just moved from Australia that I don't think I had a chance to properly enjoy it.

The colours have been absolutely beautiful.  We just don't tend to get these sort of defined Autumns back in Australia so I'm definitely taking it all in while we're here.  And also I kind of understand Halloween now.  And by that I mean that I really don't need much convincing to dress up and eat pumpkin. It's kind of brilliant.

Here are a few photos from the last couple of weeks (oops.... has it really been that long?!?)!  Highlights definitely include pumpkin carving (which involved power tools), making pumpkin pie, eating spaghetti squash and making a space invaders necklace.  Yes, I like pumpkins and space invaders.

After!!! Terrifying right?!  Well they actually were terrifying a couple of days after because we didn't know you're supposed to keep them outside to stop the rotting and smelliness that happens....

Fogginess on a cold night.

Space invaders necklace.  I have a life long love affair with polymer clay.
My favourite car wash ever. Apparently Elvis would get his car washed here when he toured in the 60's. 
Dressing up in autumn colours.

And lastly of course is my Week Thirty Project. Here it is:

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