Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Week Twenty Eight Project and the arrival of Fall

In an interesting turn of events, my keyboard broke this week.  Instead of waiting for the new one to arrive, I decided to get all crafty and I recorded sounds from our kitchen.  Yep, you'll hear our coffee machine, microwave, freezer, dishwasher and garbage disposal all expertly recorded on my, errrr, broken iPhone.  Think of it as a kind of a low-fi sonic adventure:

In other news, Fall has definitely arrived.  It's cold, rainy and windy, which I guess makes it perfect weather for staying indoors and writing music (and fashioning one's hair into a faux-hawk when one is completely drenched).

My EP is getting close to being finished too.  I've had it mastered, and I'm now concentrating on getting the artwork done and working out the best way to release it.  I've got a photoshoot coming up this week with super talented photographer Taryn Ellis which I'm both nervous and excited about.

I've had a great week of music too, from seeing Jenn's awesome first gig with her new band to seeing Hauschka play the piano as part of the Decibel Festival as only he knows how.

The lovely Jenn at her debut Seattle gig!

The inimitable Hauschka.
Hauschka is one of those solo musicians whom I find transfixing and mind-blowing (Colin Stetson on solo saxophone would be another).  I have very mixed views when it comes to prepared pianos, as while I love the idea of exploring the outer edges of the instrument, I hate the idea of the instrument being irreparably damaged.  But Hauschka has a way of manipulating the strings and hammers so as not to harm the instrument, but still produce ethereal sounds from it that you wouldn't believe came from a piano.  The last piece of the performance involves him carefully removing all objects from the piano so we are left with the raw beautiful sound of the untouched instrument.  It was a really stunning performance.

And lastly, I had a very successful thrifting binge on the weekend after realising that I still don't have enough warm clothes to get me through winter.  I picked up these woolen beauties, so now I have lots of great sweaters to get me through the Seattle chill.

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