Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Singapore Experience (Part One)

We're in Singapore at the moment on our way to my brother's wedding in Malaysia.

If I had to sum up Singapore in one word, I would say "indulgent".  This is probably best displayed through their incredible architecture, which has the seemingly perfect combination of risk taking, extravagent design and impeccable execution.

The building that has stolen my heart here is definitely the Art & Science Museum designed by Moshe Safdie. Although it was only built in 2011, it evokes the spirit of classic modernist architecture from the 60's and 70's.  And there just happened to be an Eames/Herman Miller exhibition on!  It's like they already knew that the best way to my heart is through an Eames (or Jacobson) chair.  Other incredible structures we saw were the Marina Bay Sands Hotel with its three curved towers holding up a boat like structure, the Park Royal Hotel with its fluid-like concrete slabs and organic curves, and the Gardens By The Bay set on reclaimed land which boasts "Supertrees", and a giant cast iron baby that looks like an optical illusion.

Breakfast at Maxwell Markets.
Concrete slabs of the Park Royal Hotel.

Infinity Pools surrounding the Park Royal Hotel.
Inside the Park Royal Hotel.
Corner of the Art & Science Museum.

Art & Science Museum in all its glory.

 I found some colourful street art!  So I posed.  Of course.

Sky Walk through the Supertrees.  

Giant baby sculpture seemingly defying the laws of gravity. Terrifying and mesmerising all at once.

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