Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Week Twenty Project

I’m beginning to feel like this blog should be called 52 months at the rate I’m going...  For my Week Twenty Project, I again trawled through the old hardrive I told you about a few weeks ago and found a little piano loop I wrote back in 2005 that I've incorporated into this weeks' project.  It's the repetitive piano background that starts the piece off and plays throughout. I've also got it playing in reverse through the piece as well.

Around the 45 second mark I've added some more piano and some bass clarinet (a stunning instrument that I really haven't delved into properly yet).  I think the result is a pretty calming and tranquil peace that is also hopefully filled with gentle optimism.  I'm all too aware that my music tends to veer towards the downbeat and melancholy so perhaps this one's slightly more upbeat and melancholy?!  Actually on second listen, I'm not really sure it is.  You can be the judge.

So, in the last of my extravagant travel plans for quite a while, Greg and I are heading to Malaysia for my brother's wedding on Monday!!  We're having a couple of nights in Singapore, then we're going to Tioman Island for a week (which is where they are getting married).  I'm so ridiculously excited!  I would show you photos of my Malaysian holiday wardrobe, but it's essentially the same as my Hawaiian one (except for a killer 80's cocktail dress I bought in Portland that I'll be wearing to the wedding, so more photos on that to come shortly).  So how about these random photos I've taken in Seattle instead?

Permanent installation in the Seattle Art Museum.
Inside the Seattle Public Library. This used to be the background photo to my blog!

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