Sunday, June 23, 2013

Portland. So Hip It Hurts.

"Portland.  So Hip It Hurts."  That's what my friend Erin said when we arrived, and I would have to agree with her.

As soon as we got off the Greyhound we went straight to the Museum of Contemporary Craft where they were displaying a Bowl Collection.  Yep, the exhibit consisted of at least a hundred hand made local artisan bowls.  And there was even a bowl library.  Let me explain.... you could choose a bowl, borrow it from the bowl library, take it home, eat from it, take photos of you eating from it, then return it to the bowl library together with your photos.  Genius!

Neon Paper Bowls

We also stayed at the Ace Hotel, possibly one of the most hip hotels in all of the land.  There was a 1930's phone booth, bicycles for rent (with brown leather seats), terrarium garden, vintage chandelier, retro record player and extensive collection of vinyl... and that was only in the foyer!  Sheesh.  Amazing.

Our bedroom!

We went on a burger bender, having burgers at Ladro, Mississippi Studios and Clyde & Common.  While we were at Mississippi Studios, we saw Colin Stetson which absolutely blew my mind.  He's a saxophonist, and while he's collaborated with a lot of different musicians, it's his solo music that I find so incredible.  For an hour I was trying to figure out how he created so many sounds from his saxophone, but I walked away still having no idea.  He practises circular breathing so there are no breaks in his sound, and I think he must use a loop pedal because his music involves layers of swirling, disjointed and melodic textures.  Seriously amazing stuff.

Mississippi Studios Bar.
Burger, onion rings & fries at Mississippi Studios.
So the short of it is I can't wait to get back to Portland.

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