Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our Little European Holiday

Greg & I just got back from our lovely holiday in the United Kingdom and Copenhagen.  The UK part was for my sister-in-law Megan's wedding, and Copenhagen was to gorge ourselves on Danish design and food.

Copenhagen was incredible.  So many amazing design shops brimming with local crafts and furniture to die for.  And so many effortlessly stylish and good looking Danish folk riding their fixed speed bikes in the massive bike lanes dedicated to them.

Although I've posted a few blog posts below about our stay in Hengrave Hall, our dinner at Geranium and visiting the Louisiana Museum of Art, I thought I'd also post a few more random holiday snaps for your viewing pleasure.

Wonderful Tea House/Bar/Craft Store we accidentally stumbled across in London near Kings Cross Station. 

Kings Cross Station in the morning.
Walking along the beautiful canals in Copenhagen.

This is the MEGA DESIGN GEEK OUT MOMENT OF MY LIFE.  Argh - keep breathing!!!  I'm sitting in an Arne Jacobson Egg chair in the foyer of the Radisson SAS Hotel in Copenhagen which was designed by Arne Jacobson.  The Egg Chair & the Swan Chair were designed by him specifically for this hotel!  
A cluster of Egg Chairs in the Radisson foyer!
Beautiful Swan Chairs in the Radisson bar.  A few minutes later we were sitting in these enjoying G & T's.  
Panton lighting design heaven in Illum Bolinghus.  I have never been so excited in a Department Store before.
Design room set up in the Danish Design Museum. 
Getting all tree-huggy before our dinner at Geranium.
No idea at all what this is.  But how cute is that car?!
Arguing with Mr. Lego Man.
Morning Tea. Danish style!
My Copenhagen wardrobe tended to look like this.  Greg was mortified by the tights/socks/sandals combo.  Can't blame him really.

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