Saturday, May 25, 2013

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

We took a day trip from Copenhagen to go to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.  It was a lovely train ride on a beautiful day, so we saw lots of pretty Danish countryside.

The museum itself was breath-taking.  The building is exemplary of modernist architecture with its sleek horizontal and vertical lines, and its use of floor to ceiling glass panels, steel beams, timber and stone.

There was an exhibition of American artist Tara Donovan who I previously hadn't heard of, but will now be keeping an eye out for.  We unfortunately weren't able to take photos of her exhibition, but it really was quite mind-blowing.  She uses every day materials to create site-specific art that is incredibly beautiful and technical.

A view from inside the museum.

What's that over there?

The sculpture garden. 

Beautiful gardens.

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