Saturday, June 1, 2013

Week Nineteen Project & My Hawaiian Wardrobe

I'm finally back in Seattle for long enough to write my Week Nineteen Project!  Between unexpected visa issues and our holiday, it's been a pretty crazy last few weeks.

I really missed writing music while I was away, so thoroughly enjoyed writing this week's project.  It feels so calming (if not completely self-indulgent) to tap into that melancholic streak in me that always seems to come out in my music.  Here's the Soundcloud link:

In some exciting news I'm off to Hawaii on Monday to meet up with my wonderful friend Chantal!  After re-watching the first episode of this season's Mad Men for fashion inspiration, I've pulled out the following from my wardrobe to take with me.

Vintage dress from the 70's purchased from the wonderful Poppet (now the equally wonderful Heroes & Villains).  
$13 silk dress thrifted from Value Village. 
This is a little cotton number from the 60's I purchased at a vintage fair in Melbourne about 5 years ago.
Accessories!  I always knew those pink flamingo earrings would come in handy!
Silk Tina Turk top thrifted from Value Village for $7. 
Love this one!  I got it from a clothes swap in Melbourne. 
I bought this sun dress on my recent trip to Ottawa at the Byward markets. 
My awesome sister bought me this for me from San Fran.  It's an H&M / Marimekko collaboration.
I don't even know how to explain why I own this.  It's is easily one of the top 3 loudest things in my wardrobe (competing with my 80's fluro pink jumpsuit and early 90's evening wear black & gold pant suit).


  1. love that you took that dress to hawaii!

    1. Hi Jules!! Oh my goodness that was the perfect dress for Hawaii - I wore it everywhere!