Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Week Thirteen - layering & monoprints

Ahhh lucky Week Thirteen.  Up to now, my biggest issue with this blog has been to stop procrastinating and actually sit down and spend time on my projects.  Once I'm sitting down, it hasn't taken too long to bang something out, work on it for a bit, then upload it.  And really, there hasn't been a project so far I haven't enjoyed working on (even if I'm not entirely happy with the end result).

Not so for Week Thirteen.

I actually felt pretty motivated and have spent lots of time in front of my keyboard and the computer, and, well, I'm just completely not feeling it this week!  I'm not sure what it is... perhaps I let the dreary grey weather get to me a bit (although I have been trying to compensate for that by wearing my hot pink MAC lipstick everywhere)? Anyway, rather than getting all stressed about it and imagining that I will never ever be able to write anything again (which I totally would have done pre-blog), I'm just rolling with it and figure that something's going to come out from somewhere at some point.  So here I am, sitting in front of the computer for the 3rd day in a row with a blank screen.

On a more productive note, I started monoprinting class today through Pratt!  It's so very very awesome. I am completely addicted and can just tell I'm going to absolutely LOVE this class.

So far, one of the things that has struck me about monoprinting is that you kind of try things without knowing exactly how it's going to work out, and you can keep layering prints over the top of previous prints and experiment with different textures.  It's really exciting to lift up your bit of paper after it's gone through the press to see just what is on it.  I think I might try that technique with this piece of music and not concentrate so much about the end result as much as just experimenting with layers to see what happens.

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