Monday, March 25, 2013

Week Fourteen Project

So I just had a pretty amazing weekend of music, highlights being seeing Funkadelic on Saturday night and watching a performance of Terry Riley's 'In C' at the unveiling of a new Doug Aitken installation at the Seattle Art Museum conducted by the man himself. It was amazing to see and hear how the piece worked.  And of course the fact that Terry Riley was there did make me pretty star struck. 

The incomparable Funkadelic & George Clinton
The unveiling of Doug Aitkin's new installation at the Seattle Art Museum
Eating the most delicious meatball sandwich from Wiseguy food truck while we were waiting for Terry Riley!

Also, I finally know who killed Laura Palmer! I also know who killed Rosie Larsen.  That's right, in less than a week I managed to watch not one, but two seasons of The Killing. 

And on that note, here's my Week Fourteen Project:

Super special thanks to my brother Anthony for contributing the guitar parts!

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