Saturday, February 2, 2013

Week Ten Project

Ok I'm back on track!! 

Wow.  That was some break I took from this blog! But I really do have a good excuse.  Let me explain through pictures (the second best thing to interpretive dance). 

First this happened:

Christmas in Seattle! Pictured here with my lovely sister and our gingerbread house. Her finger really is in my mouth.
Then this:

Greg & I  got married, and it was fancy!
The lovely Amber French took this one. 
Awww, who doesn't love a fluorescent escalator!

 Then this:

New Years Eve on top of the Space Needle. Greg just couldn't contain his excitement.
 Then this:

Whistler! My mini Canadian honeymoon... without my husband.

To ease myself back into this blog after so much excitement, I've written a very contemplative piece. I wanted to create something soft, ethereal and introspective.  

The piece lingers in the key of C but still a feeling of being slightly unresolved.  The instrumentation is piano, strings, oboe & harp, but I've put loads of reverb on the instruments and also played around with the attack and the low & high frequency ratios so the harp and oboe don't sounds as quite distinctive as they usually would.

Here's a link to my Week Ten Project on SoundCloud.  Listen to it with a relaxing cup of camomile tea.

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