Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Week Nine Project - The Christmas Edition!

This week I have written an unashamedly Christmas influenced piece of highly saccharine music.  That's right, there's sleigh bells in it.  You've been warned, so don't get frightened if it sounds like Christmas just vomited in your ear.

And yep, I missed the deadline. I could give a bunch of lame reasons why, but let's just call it what it is - laziness and Christmas/wedding brain. 

This is my first Christmas in Seattle, and it's cold, rainy, grey and fabulous.  We have a real Christmas tree and I've gone crazy with crafting Christmas decorations. 

My family, Greg's parents and some of our friends are making the hike from Australia to come over on Christmas Eve/Christmas day and we're having Christmas dinner at our tiny apartment which I'm super excited about! 

Also this is possibly (probably) going to be my last posting until next year as I have a lot coming up including our wedding which is a few days after Christmas! Yikes! We've got a bunch of visitors who will be arriving in Seattle for our wedding which is also super exciting, and we're going up the Space Needle for New Years Eve.

After that, I'm going off on a mini-honeymoon to Vancouver and skiing in Whistler.... without Greg.  Sadly Greg couldn't get time off work, so we'll be postponing our actual honeymoon until next year some time. Sorry Greg.

So, if I don't post again beforehand, I hope you have a wonderful festive season with your loved ones, and here's to a great 2013!

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