Sunday, December 9, 2012

Week Eight Project

This week I decided to work some more on my Week Seven vocal project, so I've ended up with a combined Weeks Seven & Eight Project.

I added a bit of length to the piece and also played around with the spacial design.  It was a super labour intensive process recording all the different vocal lines, especially because I had lots of problems with my audio tracks clipping so I basically had to re-record most vocal parts three or four times.  Fun.  I'm pretty sure this was because of my bad mic technique as I've never recorded vocals before.  And there's only so much educational you-tubing I can do before I put 'Grape Lady Falls' or 'Fenton' on repeat, and then there goes the whole afternoon. 

It's a very honest recording as well - no auto-tuning or anything like that, so if anyone listening to this has perfect pitch, this may well be one of the most excruciating experiences of your life.  

Next week I'll work on something new, but for now, check out my combined Weeks Seven & Eight Project on SoundCloud:

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