Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Week Forty Six Project

I was beginning to worry that I was going to have to tell you I had a really hard time with this week's project as well.  I nearly fell into a bit of a rut again, and then Greg calmly told me I should use some of his synthesizer and electronic equipment.  Which I rarely (ermm read: never) touch.  If I'm going to make up excuses for myself, I guess piano and acoustic instrument sounds are my 'go to' thing to the detriment of electronic options which are available to me.  And that's a really terrible inexcusable reason, so I'm determined to change my ways and become more electronic-y!  And it's not that I don't like electronic music either because I really do.  One of my top 3 albums of last year was Tim Hecker's brilliant "Virgins".  Amazing.

Anyhow, it's no Tim Hecker, but here's my first dive into the realm of experimental(ish) electronic music as brought to you by our Dave Smith Mopho analog synthesizer and Memory Man pedal!

And in case you're interested, I thought I'd also share a photo of my bedroom 'studio' so you can see where all my pieces are getting made.  The only thing missing is Lucille, who often decides to take a nap on the keyboard when I sit down to do some work.

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