Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Week Forty Two Project

This week I went for a kind of rousing cinematic feel.  Greg had suggested that I write a soundtrack-y type of piece, which I was in the mood to do, so  here's the opening credits for a film that doesn't exist.  Perhaps the camera would be panning across a lake? Through countryside? Or….. filming SNOW!!!!!!!  Ok more on snow in just a second… first here's my Week Forty Two Project:

Ok, back to the snow thing.  We finally got some in Seattle, and it was beautiful!!  It happened last Saturday night, so Greg and I kept popping out of our cosy apartment to do some laps of the block.

Me taking a photo of Greg taking a photo just outside our apartment.  
Midnight snow angel!
Ummmm…. I'm kinda excited….

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