Sunday, December 1, 2013

Week Thirty Four and a Challenge

About a week ago, my friend Hugh challenged me to write "a piece that combines the best of Eno's fretless improv bass moments with ethereal ambient vocal stylings".

Ummmmmmmmmmm....... YES PLEASE!!!!!!!

Unfortunately, this week's project is not that.

I have a fretless bass and have been in funk/jazz bands on and off since my early 20's, BUT I quickly learnt that after a year of not playing I'm rusty.  Like REALLY REALLY rusty which was pretty frustrating to find out.  Instead of being an awesome piece of funky bass lines, it's more of an exercise in exploring how a fretless bass can sound in the context of the more vocal based ambient pieces I've been writing lately.

I'm not going to lie... I'm not really into this week's piece.  And it's weeks like this that I question what I'm doing with this project if I have to put up pieces I'm really not happy with, but I keep reminding myself (well, Greg actually keeps reminding me when I'm in tears) that the goal of this project is to write a piece of music every week, and that means I'm not going to be happy with all of them.  It's part of the process I guess.

So Hugh, you may need to wait a bit longer for that challenge....

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