Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Week Twenty Five Project and Some Exciting News

Here is my Week Twenty Five Project.  A little piano number with some rumbling in the lower octaves.  When I had a real piano I used to love making thunderous noises in the lower registers.  It's not quite the same on a midi keyboard.

I intentionally left this project a bit loose timing wise as I wanted something more improvised and freeform sounding.

I had actually wanted to mess up the pretty piano by adding typing sounds in the background, but I ultimately felt that it detracted from the piano, so I ended up leaving those parts out.

Now for the exciting news!!  Well it's exciting for me anyway.  I've decided to release an album of "Part One" of my "52 Weeks" project!  So I'm going back, deciding on my favorite 6 or so tunes, tweaking and remixing them, then I'm going to get them mastered and make them available on itunes and Spotify!

As I was going through my photos to see what I had that I could turn into cover art, I found this photo that I took it about a year ago while road-tripping around California.  And whilst I'm not using it for the album, I did fall in love with it again.  Oh California!

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