Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Week Seventeen Project

Week Seventeen.  I remember when I was seventeen.  I'd just finished high school and was starting an Arts degree at uni.  I was taking a mix of music, film, English & Psychology subjects and I joined the Beer Appreciation Society and the Chocolate Appreciation Society.  The uni cinema cost $2 and you could get a pizza at the pizza cafe for $3 and eat it at the movies.  The pizza cafe menu was set out like the alphabet, with a delicious topping designated to each letter.  I made it my singular goal of uni to get through the alphabet of pizza flavours, and I'm proud to say I achieved that goal within my first year.   I had my hair cut in a pixie cut in an attempt to look like Winona Ryder (in the days when she was besties with Gwyneth Paltrow), and Hackers was my favorite movie of the year (Angelina who??).  

Ok, enough of that, down to business.  Week Seventeen Project.

I found an old hardrive of mine from around 2005-2006, and it had a bunch of bits and pieces of music I'd written and forgotten about.  I sifted through them and found some things I wanted to breathe life into again, namely bits of music I'd written for a couple of dance projects in collaboration with a choreographer, Bing Dai. I've taken a few tiny fragments of those projects and combined them with new sounds to create my Week Seventeen Project.  They're buried deep in the background to create some atmosphere and tension:

Oh, and a word to Lucille - I love you and all, but it can be very hard to get any music done when you insist in being in the middle of all the action.

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