Friday, April 5, 2013

Collagraphs & Communal Gardens

We studied collagraph print making in class this week, and made printing plates using matte board and aluminium foil.  Whilst it's a fairly straightforward technique, it seems to be one that produces some lovely textures.  It's quite amazing how much detail the ink picks up from the textured board.

Here's my first collagraph print.  I'm definitely looking forward to doing more next week.

Sadly, the beautiful pink and white cherry blossoms are slowly turning a shade of green, and their petals are falling to the ground.  That's ok though - I feel like every time I passed one I gave it due attention and adoration, and it helps that in their place there seem to be tulips popping up everywhere.  Or at least I think they're tulips?  My flora knowledge is embarrassingly poor.  

Cherry blossoms turning green
Tulips? Whatever they are they're pretty!

The communal garden across the road from where we live is going gangbusters at the moment though.  I think the idea is that you can rent out a plot to grow veggies and herbs.  We really should get ourselves on the wait list because I miss growing our own herbs and chilli plants.  I often linger around the gardens lusting after the silver beet, basil and flowers.  

Communal garden near our house
And then these are just random flowers I saw that caught my eye when I was wandering around:

Accidental arty shot!
Yikes - enough procrastinating!  I'm definitely going to sit down now and work on my Week Sixteen Project!

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