Monday, October 22, 2012

Week Two - Non Repetition & Oboe

Ok, this week I'm setting myself the challenge of writing a piece of music that doesn't involve relying on a single repetitive chordal progression.

When I write something, my 'go to' formula is usually a repetitive chordal progression layered with melodies and sounds over the top.  I guess I could indirectly attribute this to the Philip Glass factor.  I know he's not the be all and end all of minimal repetitive music (nor the first to employ it as a technique), but I totally love him.  I saw him play his Qatsi trilogy with his organ ensemble at the Sydney Opera House back in 2005 and it still rates as one of the best performances I've ever been to.  So it's actually kind of a big deal for me to break out of this habit (even just for one week). 

And I've got my first challenge from a friend! Hoorah!  Rowan has requested that I include an oboe in this weeks project, which I will certainly try my darnedest to do!  

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