Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Week One Project

For the first time ever I've finished my homework early.  Crazy.  Here's my completed week one project.

This week I definitely stayed in my comfort zone with a simple repetitive chordal progression on the piano underpinning a piano and violin duet smothered with loads of reverb and some delay on one of the piano parts. Who doesn't love a bit of reverb?!  I also added harp to the higher piano part that kicks in around 0:48 to give it a kind of ethereal feel. Here's a link to the finished track on SoundCloud:

It's true.  I love simple, minimalistic and repetitive music.  Always have, always will. There's something I find totally mesmerizing about it.  Like the other week when we saw demigods Dirty Three playing at Neumos.  They were completely transfixing (except maybe when Warren Ellis started ranting about shoving Justin Bieber into a box full of diarrhea.  Yep, it got weird).  

Dirty Three at Neumos

So that's week one done and dusted.  I might go out and enjoy the beautiful Seattle sun, and no I'm not joking, the weather here has been amazing!  We've only had a few days of rain in the past two months and I've only really had an excuse to wear my Marimekko gumboots once. 

Anyway, I think I already know what my week two challenge needs to be even though I don't want to admit it just yet.  I'll give myself a few more days of self-denial before I commit to my week two project.

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