Monday, January 27, 2014

Week Forty Project

I always thought that when I hit the "forties" of this project, it would feel like the countdown is on, and well, it does!  Not that I'm sure it's a good thing?  I think I'm really going to miss this project once it's over.

I've been a bit unwell this week (nothing too serious) and I think it's reflected in this week's piece.  Week Forty is a low energy, lethargic track that is definitely channelling my current energy levels.  I've used a lot of techniques that I've already explored throughout this project, including highly reverbed piano, multiple vocal layers, manipulated noise and reversed tracks, so while there's not a lot of surprises in this track, it was soothing to write (after my two other failed attempts at Week Forty).

On the plus side of being unwell, I have managed to get quite a few episodes of Midsomer Murders under my belt while lying on the couch.  After exhausting all my Hercules Poirot options I've discovered that Midsomer Murders is a perfect replacement!

Ok, enough of my viewing habits, here's Week Forty:

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