Friday, July 26, 2013

Week Twenty Two Project (featuring Jennifer Campbell)

Yay!  I feel like I'm back on track! My first truly "weekly" Project in quite some time!

For this week's project, I decided to go back to doing a voice piece again (similar to what I did for my Week Seven & Eight Project), but this time I managed to rope my super talented friend Jennifer Campbell into joining me!

As much as I hate the sound of my own voice on recordings, I do really love that simple ethereal sound that the voice can create.  And thank goodness for lovely things such as reverb to help make my voice more palatable.

Also thank goodness for the likes of Jenn who can actually sing.  Insanely well.

I probably should have done a better job of organising the vocals tracks, and as a result my computer screen ended up looking like this (which is clearly not an ideal situation):

That's a lot of vocal lines. But we got there!  And here it is:

And of course, in the spirit of collaboration, Lucille decided she also wanted in on the action this week as well.  Thanks for your help baby girl!

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