Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Week Twenty Three Project and a Toy Piano Accordion

So this week I've written my version of a pop song, and it stars a very cheap, racy red toy piano accordion.  'Toy' being the operative word here, as it doesn't even have a keyboard on it.  I found it at the illustrious Palace Jewelry & Loan pawn shop down near Pike Place markets, and for a mere $20 I snapped it up, because I really liked the sound it made, and hey, it's racy red!

On top of the sounds of the toy accordion (which includes all the awesome squeaky crunchy noises a toy accordion makes) I've added some of my vocals, bassoon and contrabassoon, piano, marimba and ended up with a kind of pop song. Although Greg told me it was definitely not a pop song.  And it probably isn't.  In fact it's probably more of a dark and dreamy soundscape that my brain has somehow interpreted as being an upbeat and happy pop song.

For those of you that don't know me in person, it may come as absolutely no surprise to you that I grew up on a healthy diet of classical music and prog rock.  One of my top three albums of all time includes Tubular Bells.  So that may explain my slightly warped idea of what pop music is.

There you have it.  And here you have my Week Twenty-Three Project.

Also, have you noticed that in a MAJOR technological advancement for me, I have learnt how to imbed my SoundCloud links onto this page! Hoorah!!

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