Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Week Twenty One Project

Hmmm.  I feel like this blog has been much more like a travel blog rather than a music blog over the past few months.  But, after all the recent visa dramas, overseas weddings and general holidaying, I'm now settling back into normal life in Seattle, which means getting back into the swing of being able to write a piece of music every week (and not just when I happen to be back home for a few days).

To prove my renewed commitment, here's my Week Twenty One Project written just a couple of days after I got back from Malaysia while extremely jet lagged.  Seriously, if my jet lag were a guitar amp, it would definitely go up to 11.  In fact, I'm so jet lagged, that last sentence was not only not funny, it didn't even really make sense. You get the picture.  Here it is:

With my Week Twenty One Project, I've experimented with altering my voice.  The weird alien sounding noises in the background are my vocals taken from an interview I did for SoundCloud that have been reversed and manipulated.

And on a completely unrelated note, how pretty is this?!  I came across this smashed glass as I was walking home yesterday.

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