Friday, May 3, 2013

Week Eighteen Project

What a glorious week! There hasn't been a drop of rain, and the weekend is looking incredible. Goodness me I've missed Summer.  I never thought I was a Summer person until I had to sit through the greyest, rainiest, most dreary Winter I've ever experienced.  And to top it off there wasn't even any snow!!  I feel like snow would have made it all worth while, but alas it wasn't meant to be.

I've been a bit slack on the music front, but I have finished my Week Eighteen Project! Hoorah!

In other news I've taken up my print class again which is great.  It's a really big class so we don't have the luxury of having a printing press to ourselves for 4 hours like we did in the last class.  I got straight into the shellac plates which were my favorite from last time and whipped up these:

And here's a couple of random photos taken when we went with our friends to the beach!! Yes Seattle has a beach!! It was a beautiful week night so we hired a car, packed provisions for hot dogs & s'mores (which are sweet crackers, toasted marshmallows & chocolate for the uninitiated), snuck in a cheeky bottle of red wine, headed down and had a beachside cookup.  Even though it was a Tuesday night, it was sooo busy - Seattleites don't waste any time getting outside when the weather clears up!

I'm eating a s'mores.  In case you can't tell, it was frickin' delicious. 
Kids on the beach were releasing paper lanterns with candles in them.  It was so beautiful but the paranoid responsible eldest child in me couldn't help but think that there is a fire hazard in there somewhere?!

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