Monday, November 19, 2012

Week Five Project

I had to give myself a 1 day extension this week.  I had a horrible head cold and spent most of this week in bed half delirious from the cold & flu tablets I was taking.

Also, a lot of this piece was written when I had jalapeno in my eye.  We discovered these super delicious jalapeno's stuffed with goats cheese & herbs and wrapped in bacon at a local Mexican restaurant during happy hour that we've been making at home (although we've been substituting the goats cheese with cream cheese and foregoing the bacon).  However I keep getting jalapeno seeds on my fingers when I'm making them, and then for whatever reason I keep forgetting about this and shoving my fingers in my eye.  Which is what happened just before I sat down to first start writing this piece.  It was only in one eye though which is good.

Anyway, I digress.  This week's project is two repeating phrases of 4 bars each - an A part (major) and B part (minor), where the A & B parts are each others relative major & minor.  The structure is as follows (it's a mirror image of itself):

3 repeats A (dropped beat in the 2nd repeat)
1 repeat B
2 repeats A

3 repeats B (dropped beat in the 2nd repeat)
2 repeats B (key change up a minor 3rd)
1 repeat B (key change up a minor 3rd)
3 repeats A  (dropped beat in the 2nd repeat)

The instrumentation is super simple with the whole piece being mapped out on the piano, the clarinet doubling the 'melody', the bassoon providing a lower counter melody, and some string harmonics in the background smoothing it all over.

Here's a link to my Week Five Project on SoundCloud.  Go on - take a peak!

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