Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Perfect Beach Wedding on Tioman Island!

Here are some photos of my brother Anthony and Tara's wedding.  It was so romantic.  Nicely done guys!

What a lovely setting for a beach wedding!
Anthony & Tara getting married by Carson the Chef.  Yep, Carson not only married them, but later put on a chef's hat and cooked our dinner.  What a legend!
Ladies on the beach.  That's me (obviously), next to Tara, Nicole and Maikki.  
Ok, so this is the 80's cocktail dress I bought from Magpie in Portland for $24!! Super bargain! 
First dance.  Awwww!

Siblings on the beach. 


  1. that photo of you and greg is so great! i miss you guys, it looks like you are having the best time. you're beautiful music is getting a good work out in the it so much

    x jules

    1. We miss you too!! LOTS! Thanks heaps for listening to my music! How's your music going? xx

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